Don't Test Your Luck - Financial Mistakes to Avoid

Taking risks on high stakes items can leave you susceptible to unnecessary stress, lost money and valuable time wasted
woman sitting at table looking at her tablet

6 Gray Charges You Should Check Your Account for Now!

What are gray charges? They’re those pesky little transactions that get automatically billed to our accounts!
guy filling car with gas on the side of the road

Roadside Assistance For Less

There are options for roadside assistance that you may not know about

The Future of Financial Services

In the early- to mid-90s, financial institutions began offering consumers their first taste of home banking services. Typically the consumer installed the PC banking program on their computer – most likely something equipped with an Intel® 486 processor – from the floppy disk or CD they picked up at their local branch (like one of our credit union locations in the Valley). After a few clicks and the “ping-ping-ping” of a dial-up modem, members had access to their balances, account histories, and the options of making transfers and paying bills.

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Feeling Lonely? Your Credit Score Could Be the Culprit

Money is the number one cause of arguments between couples, and it is important to make sure the two of you are on the same page about goals and finances.
animated video describing how to set up a spending plan

How to set up a Spending Plan

Budget. A nasty six-letter word that most of us conveniently leave out of our vocabulary. We’ve created this video to help you get started with your spending plan (a.k.a. budget).