family jumping on the beach with a sunburst

Skip-a-Payment: Free up Cash Flow this Summer

Taking advantage of a skip-a-payment program can give you more breathing room during this expensive time of year.
family in a pool giving thumbs up

Summer Fun on a Budget

Looking for some fun things to do this summer, without blowing your budget?
person with apron grilling

10 Incredible Grilling Hacks

Whether you use a basic charcoal grill or top-of-the-line gas grill, we’ve got your barbecue success covered!
couple sitting on the couch with remote

Guide to Streaming Services

We’ve pulled together a list of some of the most popular services and highlighted some of the options and pricing.
kids counting money

Age-by-Age Guide: Talking to Kids About Money

When it comes to teaching kids about money, experts feel the earlier you start, the more likely your children will develop good money management skills
kids playing grocery store

Parents' Guide to Kids & Money

As parents, we strive to teach our kids things like good manners, social skills, how to cook – what about handling money?
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5 Ways to Budget for your Wedding

You don’t need to skimp on the wedding of your dreams or go deeply into debt to pay for it. By planning ahead ...
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Grocery Store Trends

Work, being a parent, laundry, exercise, attempting to have a social life … some weeks finding time to shop for groceries can be a real challenge
waitress talking with customers

Guide to Tipping Etiquette

Although tipping in the U.S. is not mandatory, it has become part of the culture – and knowing who and when to tip for which services can be confusing. While most of us know it’s customary to leave a 15 to 20 percent tip at a sit-down restaurant, what about the furniture delivery guys? Or when you get your morning cup of joe from the local coffee shop or pick up food for carryout, are you expected to put a tip in the tip jar?

To help simplify tipping etiquette, we’ve pulled together some of the most common tipping practices – and some apps that make it easy to calculate tips!

close up view of push mower on the grass

How To: Caring for Your Winter Lawn

With so many people moving to the Valley from the Midwest and East Coast, it’s no surprise these transplants crave the look of the lush, green lawn they remember from their hometowns. But putting in a lawn and keeping it green in the Sonoran Desert takes some extra work, including the annual ritual of planting a winter lawn.