Credit report with Good score

How to Build Up Your Credit from Scratch

If you’ve never had a credit card or loan, here are some steps for building a solid credit history.

Why Was I Denied? Common Reasons for Being Declined for a Loan

Learn the top 5 reasons you might be denied and what you can do to improve your chances for next time.
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What Does a Federal Reserve Rate Cut Mean to Me?

Find out how the the Fed’s recent rate cuts affect rates on loans, credit cards and savings accounts.
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Visa® Secured

Just starting out or rebuilding your credit? Our Visa Secured Credit Card may be your perfect solution.
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Visa® Platinum

Enjoy great low rates and valuable rewards you can redeem for merchandise and travel.
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Visa® Secure Remote Commerce

Enjoy a simpler, speedier way to pay online with Visa Checkout. Learn how to enroll today!

Coach's Corner: Becoming Digitally Empowered

Sixty-seven percent of Americans cite money as a significant cause of stress, according to the American Psychological Association’s 2015 Stress in America survey.

When I was a student with a full-time job, I can remember the anxiety that I would get worrying about my to-do list. You know – homework, rent, gas, car payment, etc. And running around to make sure I could get to my financial institution before they closed was exhausting.

The Future of Financial Services

In the early- to mid-90s, financial institutions began offering consumers their first taste of home banking services. Typically the consumer installed the PC banking program on their computer – most likely something equipped with an Intel® 486 processor – from the floppy disk or CD they picked up at their local branch (like one of our credit union locations in the Valley). After a few clicks and the “ping-ping-ping” of a dial-up modem, members had access to their balances, account histories, and the options of making transfers and paying bills.