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Enhanced Online Security

Because your online security is a top priority, we have upgraded our systems to include enhanced Login Security features to further protect your account from identity theft and fraud. The following changes are now in effect:

  1. We've added a new security feature that protects you whenever your account is accessed from a computer you haven't already registered within CU Online. You'll be asked to supply phone numbers or email addresses where you'll be sent a special code to access your account. A new code will be sent the first time you log in, and each time after that if you log in from a computer you haven't told us to "remember."
  2. We now require the use of a new User ID rather than allowing the use of your account number to access the system. After logging in with your existing User ID (for many members that is the account number), you will be prompted to create the new User ID. *Please note this screen is not requesting you to reset your password, but is requiring you to create the new User ID you will use instead of your account number from now on:

In addition, we've strengthened the security of your password by requiring that it be at least eight characters in length and contain at least one alpha and one numeric character. You'll have to create the stronger password the next time your password expires - but you can actually do this immediately if you'd like.

If you have already logged in and completed the required steps but are now having trouble logging in, please note:

We've received a number of calls from members who are attempting to log in and are receiving an error message that reads "Your User ID or Password is incorrect. Please try again." In many cases, we're discovering that members have entered their account numbers and what they think is a new password but is in fact the new User ID they created when completing step 2 above.

Your account number is no longer accepted as a User ID. Please try entering what you thought was the new password as your User ID, along with the password you were using before. This is resolving the log in issue for most members, and will save you the trouble of calling us when business hours resume.