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CU Online Help

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CU Online Techincal Support: (602) 683-1088

Technical support is available Monday thru Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and on Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Maintenance Schedule

Sign Up for CU Online

Signing up for CU Online is easy - simply input the following:

Username: Enter your account number

Password: Enter the code that was established at the time you opened your account

If this is unsuccessful or if you do not remember the authorization code established, please call (602) 683-1088 (or toll-free at 800-523-4603, option 4) and one of our consultants will gladly assist you with a password reset. You can also reset your password at any branch location.

Unable to Login to CU Online


Your CU Online password must be between 8 and 20 characters, and include at least one letter and one number. Your password is also case-sensitive. The password is valid for 120 days; you will be prompted to change the password ten days before it expires. If you have forgotten your password or if you are receiving a 1210 error message after several login attempts, you will need to reset your password.



If you can view the other areas of our web site, but are unable to access CU Online, it may indicate a problem accessing all secured web sites. Both your browser and Internet service provider must support secured sites. Use the troubleshoot your browser settings section to verify your security settings. An upgrade to Microsoft® Internet Explorer 9.0 may be necessary.


Firewalls/Proxy servers


If you are using one of the recommended browsers and are still experiencing a problem, the problem may lie with your own Internet service provider (ISP). This is particularly common with employer-based access to the Internet. Your employer may have firewalls, proxy servers, or other equipment that may prevent access to secured sites. Contact your company's Data Processing Department or Information Technology regarding the problem or try to access CU Online from another location. If you are running a personal firewall at home, you may want to temporarily disable it to see if it is not allowing access to CU Online.


AutoComplete (Password save feature)


Many browsers offer the ability to store usernames and passwords. While this is not recommended by Arizona Federal, you may allow your browser to save your CU Online account number and password. This is not recommened in public facilities such as cyber cafes, work situations, libraries or homes where multiple people may reside and use the same computer.


After the required password change every 120 days, you will need to manually remove the stored password and reenter the newly established one, saving the new password over the previous. If you do not remember the current password required for the password change, you will need to contact technical support for a manual password reset.




Receiving the following message after logging in successfully will stop all further processing and/or access to any portion of Internet Banking during this session: "Internet Account Access Session Error." Return to the log-in screen to start a new session. This error indicates that you did not accept one or more cookies. In order to enter the secured encrypted site you must accept the cookies. Since there are several within CU Online, it is suggested that you disable the cookie alert within your browser while viewing account information. An upgrade to Microsoft® Internet Explorer 9.0 may be necessary.




If you are prompted with a dialog box that asks you to re-enter your password, (after initially entering your account number and CU Online password), your browser may not support JavaScript, or JavaScript may not be enabled. Use the troubleshoot your browser settingssection to verify your JavaScript settings. An upgrade to Microsoft® Internet Explorer 9.0 may be necessary.

Error Messages

Here are a list of the most common error codes and descriptions.

Error Number     Description   What to do
FI Comm. Error     CU Online is temporarily unavailable   Please try again in a few minutes or contact technical support
Session Timeout     Your session has expired   Log back into your account.
101     Browser is not accepting cookies   Check your browser settings to ensure accepting cookies is enabled.
1008     Account is locked out   Reset password yourself or have technical support reset it for you to regain access.
1040     Invalid login attempt   Verify password you are using, check caps lock key is off and/or if auto-complete is on then attempt to log back in (3 to 5 chances total to login correctly before lockout error number 1210).
1209     This account is on hold for CU Online access   Contact technical support to have the hold removed.
1210     Account is locked out   Reset password yourself or have technical support reset it for you to regain access.
1512     Due to increased security, your computer settings will not allow you to login   Disable the Content Advisor feature, which can be found in the ToolsInternet Options window, on the Content tab. If unsuccessful, complete steps shown for 1516/1518 error numbers.
1516/1518     This login session is not allowed   Close all open Internet browser windows. Open one new browser session, refresh the browser, and attempt to login again. If unsuccessful, repeat above, but also delete cookies and temporary files within your browser.
1924     ID is not recognized   An Alternate Login ID has likely been established to be used in place of the account number. Try using the Alternate ID if known. If not, contact technical support for assistance.
3352     Information entered (answers to challenge questions) does not match   Contact technical support for assistance.

What to do when receiving an error: When experiencing an error message, try the following steps before contacting technical support:


  1. Close the browser
  2. Delete the cache/temporary internet files, reload or refresh
  3. Log back into CU Online


After trying this and you still continue to receive the error message, contact technical support. When reporting problems to technical support, have as much information ready as possible (e.g., browser version, operating system, etc.).


To show technical support the exact error message that you are receiving, display the error message on your screen then press ALT+Print Screen on your computer's keyboard. This will transfer the image to your clipboard. Open your Word Processor and paste the selection. You can save this file and e-mail it to technical support if requested by them.

Minimum browser requirements for CU Online

Operating System   Supported Browsers
Microsoft Windows 2000 SP4, XP SP2, Vista   Internet Explorer 8.0+
FireFox 4+
Google Chrome
Mac Operating System   Safari 6

Mobile Phone   Learn more about Mobile Banking