2013 01 Newsletter - Just Between Us

Just Between Us

Just between Us

Every quarter we look forward to sharing a story from one of . This quarter, Jose L. of Apache Junction, one of since 1994, shares his experience with Members' Insurance Center.

I was looking for lower rates on auto and homeowners insurance, so I called the credit union to explore my options. I was referred to Members' Insurance Center (MIC) where I found my insurance expert, Ricardo. He did some comparative shopping and was able to get me a policy for both my car and house, saving me $900 a year and increasing my coverage at the same time.

A few months later I was involved in an accident that wasn't my fault. I called the other person's insurance company and filed my claim. A month passed and I still had not heard anything. I called the other insurance company to follow-up and was ultimately given the run around. I even discovered - after a little research - that they lied about the status of my claim.

That's when I called Ricardo for help. He called the other company on my behalf to get things moving. He even found a body shop willing to fix my car while we waited on the other driver's insurance company to finalize my claim. By the time it was approved, my car had been repaired. Not only was Members' Insurance Center able to save me money while increasing my insurance coverage, they also helped me when I had nowhere else to turn.

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