2013 01 Newsletter - Board Petitions

Board petitions due February 1

According to the bylaws of Arizona Federal, members who have joined the credit union by December 31, 2012, are eligible to run for election to the Board of Directors. Candidates may be selected by a nominating committee or by submitting a petition signed by at least 500 Arizona Federal members by February 1, 2013. For petition information, call (602) 683-1599. Nominees will be elected by acclamation when there is only one nominee for each position to be filled.

The following nominees have been selected by the nominating committee as of December 31, 2012:

J.R. Pooler
J.R. has been a member of Arizona Federal since 1971 and joined the Board in 1981. Currently the Secretary, he has also served as Treasurer, Vice Chairman and Chairman.

J.R. attended Arizona State University and is currently the principal of his own engineering firm. He spent 30+ years with the City of Tempe, retiring in 2003 as Engineering Manager. He has also volunteered thousands of hours filling various roles in local and national competitive swimming organizations.

Kelvin Smith
Kelvin has been a member of Arizona Federal since 1995 and joined the Board in 1997. He currently serves as Chairman, and has also held the offices of Secretary and Vice Chairman.

Kelvin recently retired from his career as an executive and business owner in the telecommunications industry and is currently co-owner of a healthcare facility. His community service endeavors have included coaching youth soccer and basketball, and four years as captain of a volunteer fire company in Pennsylvania.

Governance Corner

In each edition of About Us we will provide a list of actions taken by our volunteer Board of Directors. Items recently approved include:
  • 2013-2015 Financial Plan
  • Increase in Money Market and Everything Account dividend rates
  • 2013 Retail Delivery Strategy
  • Removal/reduction of card replacement fees
  • Bylaws update
  • Asset/Liability Management Policy
  • Consumer Lending Policy
  • Truth-in-Savings Policy
To learn even more about how our cooperative works and the role members can play, don't miss "Cooperatively Speaking," a blog by our Board Chair, Kelvin Smith, at ArizonaFederal.org/Blog.