2013 01 Newsletter - Protection for all of Us!

Protection for all of

Whether you've personally been a victim or know someone who has, we can all agree that identity theft is a problem. We have the solution: ID Protect™ - an identity theft protection and resolution service. And now it's included in your membership as one of at no extra charge!

Our comprehensive service provides with coverage for ourselves and our families. It also includes automated alerts, reimbursement coverage and the ability to access our credit reports (and scores). When you compare our coverage to comparable products available in the market, their cost average is about $15 a month - and that's only for individual coverage.

Some of us may have a similar service elsewhere and that's okay. But, if you're paying for that other service, why not consider our coverage since it's included in your membership here?

If you haven't activated your service yet, setting up your coverage is easy. Login into your CU Online account from a computer or tablet (but not through the App or Mobile web) where you'll find your activation code and link. For more information about ID Protect™ visit ArizonaFederal.org

It's comforting being one of