2013 01 Newsletter - Way more than checking: introducing the Everything Account

Way more than checking: introducing the Everything Account

If you're one of the more than 127,000 of who have an Arizona Federal personal checking account, here's some good news: that checking account is now an Everything Account, which includes checking and so much more!

First introduced to incoming members in August of 2012, the Everything Account lets you pay for everyday purchases, make payments on ongoing obligations, earn competitive returns on savings, get access to cash and manage all of your financial accounts at a variety of institutions - all in one convenient account. And effective January 1, 2013, all existing personal checking accounts are now Everything Accounts!

In addition to the convenience of having all of these services in one place, another significant benefit to former checking account holders is that the Everything Account pays dividends on average balances as low as $25, and up to $10,000 the dividend rates are the same as those on our Money Market accounts.

When you add in anytime access online or through a mobile device, mobile deposit of checks and our convenient Visa Debit card, it's clear that the Everything Account is the best value in the market. It's all-encompassing being one of