2013 01 Newsletter - Card replacement made easy when you'r one of Us!

Card replacement made easy when you're one of Us

It's something we all dread: losing your debit card. And what's even worse, after reporting it lost and having it blocked...you end up finding it and now have to wait 10 business days before the replacement card arrives. Who knew that a small piece of plastic in our wallets had such a huge impact on how we access our money?

Well, the wait is now over! We're happy to announce that instantlyissued debit cards are now available at all of our ServUs Centers. You don't have to wait for the mail to come hoping your replacement debit card has arrived. Now if you need a new card because yours was lost or stolen - or because you wore it out - visit any ServUs Center to have a replacement card issued to you right on the spot!

Editor's Note: All replacement debit cards issued at our ServUs Centers are issued with a new card number. Those needing a replacement because their card is damaged should take this number change into consideration as it will affect automatic payments setup on your debit card.

Oh, here's more good news: effective January 1, 2013, there's no longer a fee assessed when having your card replaced!

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