2013 01 Newsletter - PLUs
$3 million in PLUa - and that's just the beginning!  The value of membership is the power of Us!

PL payments posted
As promised in the last edition of the About Us, $3 million in PL (Payback for Loyalty to ) was deposited into members' accounts on December 31, 2012. The payments came from two pools: $1 million that was divided equally among all active and participating members (those who completed the required number of qualifying transactions in the first 26 days of December), and $2 million paid proportionately to those among that group who also paid interest on loans during 2012 (all loans had to be current at the time of the PL payment).

At press time it was estimated that more than 80,000 members would qualify for PL payment), receiving an average of around $35. Of course, borrowers received larger payments; this reflects the fact that most of our cooperative's income is from interest paid by members.

Selected dividend rates increased
The other good news reflected in December statements is that the effective January 1, 2013, dividend rates have been increased on Money Market and Everything (formerly know as checking) acounts. The actual increase in dividends varies by tier, but for some tiers the rate has tripled!

Experience the power
Receiving PL payments and higher dividend rates - at a time when rates are generally flat throughout the nation - are just two of the many ways all of can benefit by participating fully in our cooperative. Membership definitely has a cost - including the payment of $3 in membership dues starting this month - but if we participate, that cost will be far outweighed by the benefits we receive. It truly is rewarding being one of