Arizona Federal | 1st Quarter 2013 Newsletter
$3 million in PLUa - and that's just the beginning!  The value of membership is the power of Us!Woman cash in hand

We know opening your credit union statement might not always be the highlight of your month. But, if you're one of more than 80,000 PL recipients, or have a balance in an Everything Account or Money Market account, your're going to want to take a look this time around because your December 31 statement is the bearer of good news!
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Card replacement made easy when you're one of
It's something we all dread: losing your debit card. And what's even worse, after reporting it lost and having it blocked... you end up finding it and now have to wait 10 business days before the replacement card arrives.
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Way more than checking: introducing
the Everything Account

peopleIf you're one of the more than 127,000 of who have an Arizona Federal personal checking account, here's some good news: that checking account is now an Everything Account, which includes checking and so much more! Read more

Protection for ALL of
fingerprint Whether you've personally been a victim or know someone who has, we can all agree that identity theft is a problem. We have the solution: ID Protect™ - an identity theft protection and resolution service.
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Board petitions due February 1
According to the bylaws of Arizona Federal, members who have joined the credit union by December 31, 2012, are eligible to run for election to the Board of Directors. Read more

Just Between
people Every quarter we look forward to sharing a story from one of . This quarter, Jose L. of Apache Junction, one of since 1994, shares his experience with Members' Insurance Center. Read more

Serioly Speaking
  • When it comes to filing our taxes, we're empowered with the tools to do it ourselves.
  • We've begun accepting applications for the 2013 Bob Bresnahan scholarships.
  • We're always searching for a bargain, so when was the last time you checked out the Member Discount Center at
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