Welcome to the Dollar Dot Club!
Dolly DotThe Dollar Dot Club is open to Arizona Federal members from when you are born until you turn 13 years old. Dollar Dot Club members receive their own newsletter along with a quarterly account statement filled with games, puzzles, contests and more!

Cool and exciting!

Meet the Dollar Dots!

Danny Dollar DotHi! I'm Danny. I like to ride my skateboard and play basketball with my friends. I do extra chores around the house to earn an allowance. I deposit my money into my Dollar Dot account.

Dolly Dollar DotMy name is Dolly! As you can see, I love to rollerskate. When I'm not on my rollerskates, I like to read. I visit the credit union with my mom to make deposits into my account. I am already saving for college.

Dennis D. DotDennis D. Dot is my name! I am captain of my school's Math Club and can subtract the fastest in my class. When I grow up, I want to invest lots of money in the stock market! I like to keep money in my savings account so I can earn dividends and make even more money!

DarleneHi! It's me, Darlene! I carry my purse around everywhere I go. It has my wallet where I keep my money, coins and deposit slips for the credit union. I like to buy clothes and shoes, but I'm also saving for a birthday gift for my dad.


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