The Dollar Dots want to help you learn more about how to handle your money. So they've come up with a whole bunch of games to help. Click on a game below:

Guess what Dennis is thinking of.

What is Dennis thinking of? *NEW*
Guess what Arizona Federal service Dennis is thinking of one letter at a time !
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A game so fun, you'll forget you're learning!

Dollar Dot Online Board Game
A virtual online game that is so much fun you won't realize you're actually learning!
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Make change with Danny

Make Change with Danny
Help Danny figure out how much change he should get back when he buys stuff at the store.
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Help Darlene unscramble her gifts.

Darlene's Gift Scramble
Darlene mixed up her friends' gifts. Help her unscramble them.
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Count Dolly's Coins

Dolly's Coin Counter
Help Dolly count her allowance.
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Help Dennis Balance the Budget

Balance a Budget with Dennis
Help Dennis decide how to spend his allowance and how much he should save.
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Help Dennis Balance the Budget

Visit Government Sites For Kids
Play games and enjoy money-related activities from the US Treasury and US Mint.
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