Dollar Dot Crossword Puzzle

Read the clues at the bottom of the puzzle. To fill in the answers, click on a box and type a letter, then click on the next box and type the next letter.

You can also print this page out and fill it in with a pencil or pen!

After you have finished the crossword, click here to see the answers.

        2       4        
      1 5    

1) When you put money in your account, this is called making a ____________.

2) Don't spend all your money, but _____ some of it for the future.

3) The __________ Club is a special savings account at Arizona Federal for members under 13 years old.

4) A ________ is a coin worth 1¢.

1) Your savings account is also called a _______ account.

2) When you have money in your account, you receive money called a __________ every three months.

3) A __________ is a type of money such as a nickel or a dime.

4) When you put money in a credit union, they pay you ____________ for letting them use your money.

5) You can save your money in your savings __________ at Arizona Federal.


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