person in apron grilling

10 Incredible Grilling Hacks

Arizona Federal Staff

Whether you use a basic charcoal grill or top-of-the-line gas grill, we’ve got your barbecue success covered! Check out these 10 genius grilling hacks that will take your BBQ to the next level.

  1. Use a muffin tray for condiments
    Keep all of your barbecue trimmings in one convenient place: a muffin tray! The 12 sections are perfectly suited for housing your condiments.
  2. Clean without the wire grill brush
    The next time you use your grill, clean it while it’s still hot. Slice an onion in half, and use it to scrub the drippings and other gunk off your grill. Use caution if cleaning with a wire grill brush – they can leave small, sharp bristles behind that can get stuck on your food!
  3. Layer your grate for veggies
    Place an old barbecue grate across your existing one before grilling vegetables. The grid should keep your veggies from slipping through, while giving you the grilled taste you savor.
  4. Vegetable parcels
    If you like chunkier vegetables, wrap potato or zucchini squares in foil and throw it on the grill. After 10 minutes, you’ll have a delicious and healthy side dish!
  5. Use two skewers
    Double your skewers per kebab so individual pieces of meat or chicken don’t rotate on their own as you flip the kebab.
  6. Add a smoker to an electric grill
    Wrap some wood chips in foil, poke holes in the parcel and toss it on top of the grill’s burner below your grate. Keep your grill on medium-low. Your parcel will give your food a hint of sensational smokiness!
  7. Spiral your hot dogs
    Skewer a hot dog and rotate it slowly as you cut it along its length for a spiraled look. It will cook more evenly, give you places for holding condiments, and look super cool!
  8. Short on time? Nuke it!
    Cook your chicken in the microwave until it’s nearly ready. Then, throw it on the grill to give it a flaming finish!
  9. Use a foil tent
    To help your cooked meat retain moisture and to distribute its juices evenly, let it rest under a loose foil tent for ten minutes before serving.
  10. Use all the heat!
    When you’ve finished cooking, pile your still-warm grill with any foods that need to stay warm – your buns, or some foil-wrapped s’mores for a delectable dessert!

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