Couple signing loan at car dealership

Is Zero-Percent Financing a Good Deal?

Dealers offer 0% financing to get you into the showroom or to their website, but find out why this may not be the best deal. Jun 29, 2020
Credit report with Good score

How to Build Up Your Credit from Scratch

If you’ve never had a credit card or loan, and you’re trying to build a credit history from scratch, here are some steps to help you get started. Jun 08, 2020
Loan document and money

Why Was I Denied? Common Reasons for Being Declined for a Loan

Learn the top 5 reasons you might be denied and what you can do to improve your chances for next time. Jun 01, 2020
model house sitting on top of cash

Home Buying: The 20% Down Myth

If you’re saving for a home of your own, you’re likely saving up until you have 20% of your dream home’s total value. But the fact is you don’t need to put down 20%. May 01, 2020
Two women having a discussion at a credit union branch

What Does a Federal Reserve Rate Cut Mean to Me?

Find out how the the Fed’s recent rate cuts affect rates on loans, credit cards and savings accounts. Mar 19, 2020
Blueberry pie on table

5 Ingredients in Your Credit Score

Learn about the key ingredients that make up your credit score and what you can do to improve it! Jan 06, 2020
smiling woman with super imposed credit terms in front of her

The Dos and Don’ts of Credit Repair

Looking for ways to improve an unfavorable credit score? Look no further!

Oct 03, 2019
group of students walking and talking

Student Loan Consolidation: 7 Things You Need to Know

With the average student owing $37,000 by the time they leave school (many with multiple loans!), it’s important to know the options on the best way to repay these loans. Apr 05, 2019
Coffee, money, credit card, and calculator on desk

Coach's Corner: Tips for Successful Adulting

I would have paid more attention to my finances when I first started working after I graduated high school. Here are a few of the things you need to keep in mind as you join the real world. Aug 01, 2017
Lucky dice

Don't Test Your Luck - Financial Mistakes to Avoid

Taking risks on high stakes items can leave you susceptible to unnecessary stress, lost money and valuable time wasted Mar 01, 2017


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