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Member Feedback Brings About Rapid Changes

Arizona Federal Staff

We’ve just completed our first six months of using our new Compass member survey platform – and what a six months it has been!

We started off with a very successful launch, having record-high response rates compared to our benchmark credit unions, and we’ve continued that through the whole six months.

We’ve heard from almost 11,000 members, leading to a response rate of over 18% versus an industry average of 13%! Thank you to each of you who have taken the time to respond, and especially to those of you who have shared your praise, constructive criticisms and even some less constructive criticisms.

We read your comments (which apparently is a big surprise to many of you!), research the events that have triggered your response, and share them with the appropriate management team to provide staff coaching, make process improvements or begin to make even bigger changes to how we meet your needs. We also attempt to reach back out to get more information or provide assistance.

“Thank you for remaining open and serving our banking needs during this scary time with COVID19. Thank you for figuring out a safe way to meet banking needs while keeping employees & public safe. You're appreciated!”

From mid-March when we reduced access to our branch lobbies, through the first week of June when we began to loosen access to those lobbies, your feedback helped us make adjustments to the way we served you. In the early days, members were understandably upset they couldn’t do business within the lobbies without an appointment but were happy the branches were open when so many other banks and credit unions had closed some branches.

Some of the biggest concerns members had early on were our safety practices. We required employees to wear face coverings at all times in the branch and to practice social distancing to keep them safe. We also asked you to wear a face covering when meeting us in our lobbies.

Our Facilities Manager Christine scrambled to order disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizers and masks for all our branches, employees and even for members who did not have them available – not to mention the elusive toilet paper and paper towels! 

“It’s a pandemic ... I waited in line in my car, so it wasn’t the fastest ever, but it is what it is ... no big deal. Better safe than sick.”

We also heard you loud and clear about the wait times in our drive-thru lanes. We worked to adjust staff scheduling and tried to adjust traffic flows to help improve servicing times, and we continue to work on scheduling and making transactions easier at the drive-thru. 

We’ve now opened our Washington Park and Gilbert branches, which have drive-thrus, for Saturday morning access from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

You also mentioned your concerns about the cleanliness of using pens, drive-thru tubes and keypads. We began using pens just once, wiping down drive-thru tubes after each use (another reason for slow-downs), and continually wipe keypads throughout the day.

As we encouraged you to try more digital banking methods like using our mobile banking app to check balances, transfer funds, pay your bills and even deposit checks.

We also identified many procedures that required you to come into a branch to provide signatures. We quickly shifted to using e-signatures for many of these transactions. We’ve heard from so many of you that this has been a a big timesaver.

We will continue to look for easier ways for you to accomplish your banking goals without getting in a car or bus.

“Open the lobby back up on select days with shields at the counter and face masks required for everybody, and distancing. If people want to, they can come in. It's a new world until we get a vaccine.”

You’ve asked and we’ve responded. Effective June 1, we’ve begun to provide more access to branch lobbies. However, we are still following state guidelines related to how many people we can allow in at once. 

We don’t want our members waiting outside in triple-degree heat, so we continue to request that you make an appointment if you need to come into the branch lobby. Members with appointments receive priority access, so you’ll save yourself time by making the appointment. 

Once inside (with your face-cover on!), you’ll see markers on the floors directing you where to stand to keep a safe distance. You’ll also see that we’ve installed Plexiglass shields to provide safety to you and our employees during your visit. 

And until we get that vaccine, here are some tips for safe and speedy banking:

  1.  Consider other options besides visiting a branch to complete your transactions; refer to our Guide to Banking During Restricted Branch Access
  2.  Have your debit card/photo ID available before you get to the counter or drive-thru window to help us verify your identity and pull up your account.
  3.  Have your checks endorsed properly.
  4.  Call ahead to have us complete a cashier’s check in advance.

Your Turn: What else can we do to serve you better during these challenging times?