Coming Soon:Our website is
getting a new look!

In August we’ll be rolling out our new, easy-to-navigate website!

  • What to expect

    A week before we to switch over to the new site, we’ll display an alert message at the top of our current website with the scheduled roll-out date.

  • New log-in button

    New Login FormSimilar to our current site, the new website will have a green “Log In” button at the top right corner of the web page to access your online account.

    After you click the button, you’ll be prompted to enter your username and password, just like you do now.

    Your login credentials (username, password) will not change.

  • Same functionality

    Once you log in to online banking, everything will look and function the same as before – there are no changes to what you can do.

  • How to prepare

    There’s not much for you to do … just make sure you’re using a modern web browser like Chrome, Edge or Firefox. These browsers will offer the best experience and security.

For your safety, our new website will not be compatible with Internet Explorer.

Learn more about security risks associated with outdated browsers.


  • Easier to Navigate

    The new website has been updated to include new menu options to make it easier to find the information you’re looking for — like info on savings and checking accounts, loans, credit cards and your membership benefits.

  • ‘How Can We Help’ & FAQs

    Have a question? Simply use our enhanced “How Can We Help” tool. Scroll to the bottom of the home page to ask a question.

    Plus, on most other pages of the website we’ve added other information to help you find the answers you need more quickly – like FAQs, documents and recommendations for you.

  • Financially Empowered

    Our financial education blog will have a new look, too. Check it out for access to hundreds of articles about managing credit, car buying, insurance, home buying and spending and saving.

  • Make An Appointment

    OK, this feature has been around a while, but you may not have known about it. Click “Make An Appointment” at the top of any page to schedule a branch appointment to:

    • Meet with a financial coach to review your credit report or budget
    • Apply for a loan
    • Open a new account, including youth and teen accounts
    • Get technical support for online banking and the mobile app