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Chairman's Message

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to present Arizona Federal's 2012 annual report. As you'll read in detail elsewhere in this report, 2012 was a strong year financially for our credit union, the second such year in a row after three consecutive years with negative earnings. It was a year in which we moved from "adequately capitalized" to "well- capitalized" according to regulatory standards, marking the successful conclusion to a three-year-plus process of net worth restoration. Our financial position is the best it's been in years, even after making $3 million in PLUs payments to members at year's end.

But 2012's successes weren't limited to the bottom line. This was also a year in which we made important improvements in how we delivered service, including installing a new phone system with added capabilities, and launching the mobile deposit feature of our mobile banking apps to allow the depositing of checks using a mobile device. Both of these technological advances have borne fruit, with average wait times on our phone lines dropping dramatically, and thousands of members avoiding trips to a ServUs Center by depositing checks on their own time, from wherever they might be.

Another important area of improvement in 2012 was in our ability to make loans to members. With the worst effects of the recent recession seemingly behind us, we are seeing the combination of members' improved credit scores and our streamlined underwriting processes result in more loans approved and disbursed. Meeting members' credit needs is a primary focus for the credit union, and we're gratified to see improvement in this vital area. We still have plenty to lend, though, so I encourage everyone to try Us  first when borrowing needs arise.

As we look forward into 2013 and beyond, we remain focused on delivering unparalleled value to every one of Us, especially in light of our new membership structure and the promises that come with it. We will only be able to do that if each of Us  is fully participating in what the credit union has to offer, so if there is some product or service you're using elsewhere instead of at Arizona Federal, I urge you to at least see what we have to offer. I'm confident that we can win your business if given the opportunity, and you'll have the added bonus that contributing to Us helps Us give back to you.

"It's mutually beneficial being one of Us! "

Kelvin Smith
Board Chair


Arizona Federal Board members are volunteers elected by members of Arizona Federal.

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