Board of Directors

Chairman's Message

On behalf of your elected Board of Directors, I am happy to report on the success of our cooperative during 2014. We have worked hard to uphold our mission to develop and serve an empowered membership through the delivery of financial services and expertise, producing mutually beneficial results. For 2014, this means we were able to meet more members' needs than ever before, increase self-service options and usage, expand our financial education efforts, and honor our commitment to share excess profits with our members through PLUs (Paybacks for Loyalty to Us).

This past calendar year we continued to expand our loan portfolio, issuing more than 13,500 new loans valued at $158.2 million. Not only does this mean an increase in interest income for the cooperative, but we also helped more members finance their cars, homes, boats, etc. at low, competitive interest rates, helping them save even more of their hard-earned money.

In addition to expanding the loan portfolio, we continued to improve upon the ways members can manage their money. Throughout 2014 we added more envelope-free ATMs to our network, making it easier and more convenient for members to deposit checks and cash to their accounts. Members also continued to embrace mobile technology, with our mobile app usage increasing to 37 percent of all member transactions. Financial technology will continue to be a key investment for our cooperative's future – making it more convenient and more empowering to be one of Us.

Through our quarterly personal finance magazine, Financially Empowered, we were able to share financial tips, tricks and tools with all of our 125,000 members. We've received great member feedback on the information provided through this magazine, and we will continue to deliver helpful financial advice throughout the upcoming year. In addition, we maintained our commitment to providing financial expertise by offering free credit consultations and financial education workshops on topics ranging from budgeting to managing and understanding credit.

Due to the credit union's strong performance, we were able to make a PLUs payout for the third straight year. Total payout was $6 million to 86,000 active members. That equates to an average of $70 per payout. Both the amount of PLUs and the number of members who received payment increased in 2014, which means even more of Us are using Arizona Federal as our primary financial institution. While PLUs cannot be guaranteed every year, your further participation in the credit union helps increase both the likelihood and the total amount of PLUs. How can you increase your participation? Think of Us first when you have financial needs, such as auto and homes loans, savings accounts, insurance, investments and more.

With a successful 2014 behind us, we look forward to the future and an even better 2015.

"It's awesome being one of Us! "

Kelvin Smith
2014 Board Chair


Arizona Federal Board members are volunteers elected by members of Arizona Federal.

Cathleen Gleason
Roy Levenda
Vice Chairman
J.R. Pooler
Tom Burgess
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Christopher DeChant
Kelvin Smith
Monroe Warren